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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

Bijgewerkt op: 24 nov 2020

Who are the most difficult people to buy gifts for? Men. Especially your own. You want to give them something nice and useful while considering the planet as well. Making it very hard on yourself. Here I have listed a few zero waste ideas to give you some inspiration what to give men for Christmas, birthdays etc.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

How about a zero waste shaving kit? Including safety razors, a brush and shaving soap. Not only very environmentally friendly but it also looks great in the bathroom.

Is there no needs for shaving? Maybe a wooden beard comb would make this man happy. Men with beards are usually very proud of their beard and like to take care of it so some beard oil might also be a nice idea.

Have you ever thought about a shampoo bar for a man? Skip the feminine scent and go for something unscented or some smell that makes him happy like beer or whiskey scented.

Does the man in question pack its lunch every day for work? Maybe a reusable lunch bag is something he might like.

Last year I gave my man a subscription for coffee. Each month a new flavor of coffee was delivered at our house (in a thick paper envelope). A whole year long every month he received a new coffee gift.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

This year I gave him a mushroom growing kit. He is very much into nature especially fall when the mushrooms start to grow. He also loves to cook so I am sure he will love this gift.

There are also some cliché gifts like a pair of funny socks. Some colorful boxer shorts (this one made me laugh) or a sarcastic mug to brighten up his day.

Remember that not all gifts have to be ‘stuff’ you can also give him a spa treatment in a nice resort for a relaxing massage or a sports massage if he wants some tough love.

beer/wine/whiskey tasting is also a great gift for men.

You could also take him to differ in a new or fancy restaurant. Or if you have some money to spend, hire a chef to make a nice meal at your house.

I hope my list gives you some inspiration on what gifts to give your man this year. Let me know what you got your man and if he liked your gift. 

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